May 2012


Please note; pre-payment of fees is required in all cases. We accept cash or cheque (accompanied by valid guarantee card).  We are unable to give credit or accept credit or debit cards.


Not all services that we are required to provide are funded by the NHS, for example medicals for travel, insurance or employment. 

School Hill Medical Practice is entitled to charge for all Non-NHS Services. We generally apply rates recommended by the BMA (British Medical Association).


Passport form countersignature We no longer provide this service for our patients
Travel Vaccinations £
Yellow Fever 45.00 (with certificate)
Japanese Encephalitis 40.00 each (course of 3)
Hepatitis B 40.00 each (course of 3)
Blood test for checking antibody levels (Hep B) 30.00
Rabies 40.00 each (course of 3)
Letters / Certificates / Claim Forms / Reports £
To “Whom it may concern” letter 15.50
Fit to perform, run, attend, travel letters etc 22.00
Private sick note (incapacity certificate), required by patient for presentation to an employer (except those that the doctor is obliged to provide for statutory sick pay (SSP) purposes) 16.00
Freedom from infection certificate, eg for school, travel or employment 15.50
Cancellation ofHoliday  
  • simple certificate
15.50-31.00 (family)
  • more complicated certificate
Proof of vaccination certificate 15.50
Shotgun licence and certificate 28.00
Claim form: Sickness/accident Insurance benefit claim 15.50-31.00
Private medical insurance claim form (Bupa/PPA) 15.50-31.00
Ofsted form 82.00
Police Witness Report 38.80
Witnessing Documents (Powers of attorney, Court of protection, legal documents etc)             without an appointment with the Doctor 30.00 or £100 if this involves an assessment of state of mind with possibly an examination or consultation being required
Fostering / Adoption Update Report (without medical) 30.00
Access to Medical Records £
Admin fee under the Data Protection Act  
  • Computerised records only
  • Manual or combined records
50.00 max 35p per sheet
Medical Examinations £
Taxi driver Medical 68.00
HGV/LGV/PSV examination and report 117.00
Elderly driver fitness without/with full medical 65.00-117.00
Fitness to attend Private school  
  • Examination & report
  • Report only
Insurance companies for Life/Sickness Insurance 117.00 (with medical)
  97.00 (report only)
  58.50 (extract from notes)
  • report on pro-forma (20 mins)
  • private (30 mins)
  • certificate of incapacity
Jockey Medical 68.00
Fostering /Adoption Report + Medical examination (AH form) 103.00
Private consultation £
10 minute GP consultation 30.00
Private prescriptions (if required) 10.00
Other tests ie Blood tests etc will be extra POA



Other services will be priced on application.


For More information about charges visit the British Medical Association Website