Update (07.05.2020) – *(11.05.2020)

As part of the staged and safe re-introduction of medical services to our patients, as we enter the next phase of managing the impact of the Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic, we are introducing a drive through facility at Anchorfield Surgery Ringmer. This will enable activities including vaccinations, blood tests, and B12 injections to be done in a safe environment with the aim of minimising risk of spread of infection for staff & patients alike.

This will utilise an enclosed tent, which will be installed outside the surgery, that is large enough for a car to drive into so that short procedures can be done, either in or out of the vehicle. This reduces contact with other patients and staff that would otherwise occur by entering the building. Privacy will be maintained with screens and enclosures. Staff will wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). We will take care to ensure that only appropriate procedures are undertaken, and if patients have any concerns in this regard this will be carefully considered. A screening process including temperature, checking symptoms and contacts will occur.

*Procedures held within this facility are available to patients who do not have access to a vehicle. Those travelling to an appointment on foot will be met by a member of clinical staff open arrival.

This is NOT intended to be a facility to assess or treat patients with Coronavirus infection.

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