New Website for Foundry Medical Centre

NEWS FLASH !!! NEW WEBSITE for Foundry Medical Centre Lewes, follow this link to  learn about the Foundry, from its very early stages the Foundry Health ethos was much more than just moving to a new building or merging three surgeries into one -


What the future plans for the Lewes Surgeries means for your medical records

As you are hopefully already aware the three surgeries in Lewes (School Hill Medical Practice, St. Andrew’s Surgery, and River Lodge Surgery) are in the process of merging to become one healthcare provider. This is to increase the capacity that all three surgeries have to go on providing high quality care to you and the residents of Lewes and the surrounding area. This process is going to culminate in us all being in one building, however the process of merging has already begun and will continue to do so in phases. As part of this we will be beginning to share the work we do across the three practices. Initially this will be the administrative side of things e.g. processing referrals to hospitals or other service providers, managing prescriptions requests, booking appointments, etc. In time, you will also be able to book appointments to see healthcare professionals from the other practices too.

In order to achieve this, staff from the other two surgeries may need to access your medical records. Staff at all surgeries already have strict rules about how we access patient’s medical records and only do so if it is to facilitate providing health services to their patients. When we do so we all are legally bound to adhere to a strict code of confidentiality. This is to ensure that you can trust us with your information. Any breach of this is treated very seriously. Staff at all the surgeries will continue to adhere to these principals when accessing your record and so will only do so within these rules. If you would like to see more information about the principles we must adhere to go to web address:

We believe that sharing work in this way will:

1. Improve the efficiency of providing you with healthcare services

2. In time will give you greater access to appointments

3. Make your appointments more targeted to your specific needs.

What happens to your medical information is up to you. If despite the benefits outlined above you would prefer that any member(s) of staff do not have access to your record, whether they are currently part of your surgery or from another, then please let us know and we will make sure that your wishes are adhered to. You can decide to change your mind about this decision at any stage.

If you would like more information about this then please contact us at the surgery and we will answer any queries you have.

Further improvements to our appointment system

To further improve access to our GPs, you will notice further changes in the way requests to see or speak to a member of the clinical team are managed on a day to day basis. Our Reception team will continue to ask if your condition is new or on going and you will be contacted by telephone by the most appropriate team. Our teams consist of Doctors who, on a rota basis, will be looking after either acute, on the day issues, or patients with continuing care needs. These teams have been worked out based on the days that they work to give the best access.

Team 1: Dr Annis, Dr Hum, Dr McIntyre

Team 2: Dr Lamb, Dr Wallek, Dr Walker, Dr Clifford

New appointment system

From Monday 22nd June we will be trialling a new appointment system. Please be prepared for our Reception Team to enquire as to whether you are requesting an appointment for an on-going condition, that you have previously seen a GP about, or a new condition. If it is a new condition, you will be added to our duty Doctor’s telephone list. They will phone you back and, where necessary, book you an appointment.