Patients over 75 are now required to have a named lead GP

As you may be aware from media coverage, all patients over 75 are now required to have a named lead GP.

We have looked at everyone’s records and have endeavoured to allocate you a GP partner that you already know and who is familiar to you. This has been an administrative process based on whom you have seen recently at the practice.

This does NOT mean you cannot see another Doctor in the practice- you can still book an appointment with any of the doctors. However, particularly if you have one or more long-term medical conditions, it would be sensible for you to usually see your named lead practitioner for these conditions. You can continue to use the surgery in the way you have always done.

Unfortunately we cannot always guarantee an appointment with your named doctor but we will try to do so as far as possible.

If you would like to change your lead practitioner please contact the surgery, ideally via E-mail: This will remain an option indefinitely although we do need to ensure a balanced distribution of patients across the partners.

Residents in care homes will have the GP responsible for that home as their lead GP.



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